I Left Communications Engineering for Data Engineering — Here is my Journey

Created on Jul 3, 2021

In late 2018, I wrote about my journey from Electronics and Communications Engineering to Data Science. That was during my first data science internship.

Guess what’s happened since then! Moved forward to the same track, right? Nope. It was another little shift.

I’m writing this piece during my first full-time data engineering position after spending more than a year in the field.

To be honest, I loved data science more than any other field when I first started the career shift.

But after getting my first full-time offer as a data engineer back in 2020, I was not very excited as it wasn’t really what I wanted.

Man, I wanted to be a data scientist!!

At that time, I knew very little about data engineering.


After passing the interviews and thinking about the offer, I said let’s give it a try and see what that data engineering looks like.

And now, after about 14 months in data engineering and moving to data platform engineering.

P.S. Data platform engineering is like data engineering but more into data architecting, modeling, and API design.

After that duration, I found that I really love data engineering and platform engineering. Also found a very important lesson I learned from So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport; the author who wrote Deep Work .

The book talks about the illusion of “Follow your passion”. That is it’s very important to realize that we, as humans, often don’t know what we want.

You can’t decide whether you like this field or not if you don’t know it well enough.

After weeks and months of trying, decide whether you can continue on that field or not.


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