With AI - How to Colorize Old Photos From 1948

Created on May 20, 2021

In May 1948, an inhumane and tragic event occurred where more than 700,000 Palestinians were forced to migrate from their own land by the Zionists.

It was the Palestinian Nakba (an Arabic word meaning “disaster”, “catastrophe”, or “cataclysm”).

In the image below you can see how Palestinian land was divided into many parts by the Israeli occupation and the countries supporting Zionism. The start was way before 1947 and the last plan was in 2020.

The Palestinians HistoricCompromise

Photo courtesy of Majid Nawaz

What is happening to Palestine now is that the Israeli occupation wants to take Sheikh Jarrah’s land. What you can do to prevent another Nakba is by learning, sharing, and seeing the truth. Learning more about what Palestine is facing from oppression. Sharing their sufferings. And following the few media that support a life that Arabs (including Muslims and non-Muslims) deserve.


Back to how to colorize black and white pictures with AI. We just had a little yet very important context about the current events.

DeOldify is a deep learning based project that can colorize and restore old images (and also videos), but in this quick tutorial, we’ll see quick ways on how to colorize old images.

Easiest way

The easiest way to colorize an old image is to upload it through this link on DeepAI

Developer side

If you want to use it in your application, you can use their API on DeepAI .

Before moving to the API part, you can test it on Colab first

Images colorized by DeOldify

As you can see: the image on the left shows the forced migration in 1948 and the image on the right is a colorized version of it. nakba

An old Palestinian next to a child at the entrance of a tent , 1948:

Refugees in the open, 1948:

Reflecting on Sheikh Jarrah

Similar to these old photos could be seen in 2021 without any need to colorize any (obviously). Countries should be willing to help and stand for Palestine as a free country and support the right for children to see their future instead of being killed.

Pray for Palestine and save Sheikh Jarrah!

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